DS Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Daya Group, one of Sri Lanka’s leading business conglomerates.

In 1984, Daya Group (Pvt) Ltd commenced operations, starting out initially as a construction company. Over the years, it has expanded into one of Sri Lanka’s pre-eminent privately owned conglomerates, continuing to grow through strategic investments. While having a strong emphasis on quality and performance, our company strives to achieve excellence in customer satisfactory.

The competency and commitment of our well-trained and motivated employees is at the core of all of our achievements. Daya Group proudly presents itself as a leading enterprise in several areas of business including apparel manufacture, construction, transport, fashion, micro-banking, household and consumer electronics, agriculture cultivation, plastics, packaging, printing, aviation and tourism.

Having obtained brokerage licenses from the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka for General Insurance and Life Insurance since 2012, DS Insurance Brokers is well poised to be a strong contender in the industry.

As a premium direct broker, we are fully authorized to deal in Life and General Insurance products of all Insurance companies across Sri Lanka, which means with us you will have be provided with all available options enabling you to choose the ideal policies at the most competitive prices. Our strength is in the highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, who possess the necessary specialized skillsets to cater the best solution to you.

DS Insurance Brokers is committed towards improving the living standards and well-being of our communities as well as those less fortunate. A portion of our brokerage income is allocated towards various Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Our focus is on a triple bottom line and we strive to focus equally on ‘People, Planet and Profits.

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