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We offer a variety of products tailored to suit one’s individual needs. It is our duty to advise our valuable clients on the policies in the market, insights on the company performance and stability, market trends and conditions prior a policy is being obtained and when shopping for the insurer.

Some of the extensions, which could be obtained are shown below:

  • Life Assurance
  • Additional life
  • Additional illness
  • Critical Illness
  • Spouse Life cover
  • Hospitalization cover for the whole family
  • Endowment Policies
  • Retirement Plans
  • Investment Plans
  • Loan protection
  • Child Education Plans
  • Whole Life Policies
  • Accidental life which includes Riot & Strike and terrorism


Accidents are very common in our country which would result in loss of both; a financial loss and loss of mobility. Motor Insurance is where the insurance company compensates for the loss arising from accidents, burglary or third party injuries/death.


Fire insurance will cover damage to a property caused by fire.Customized solutions for all types of commercial and industrial risks.

  • Customized solutions for all types of commercial and industrial risks.
  • Private dwelling insurance which includes many additional all risk covers.
  • Comprehensive all risks cover for computer and electronic related items.
  • Contractors, Erection, Plant and Machinery all risks cover.
  • Business interruption / Loss of profit insurance.

Air and ship

Marine Hull Insurance covers all types ofocean going Vessels including Fleets, Pleasure Yachts and Private Crafts/Boats

  • There are two major items namely Cargo & Hull which are exposed to maritime perils
  • Covers could be obtained for cargo / freight against most risks under the institute and trade clauses for all types of transits & storage; these may include Land, Sea or Air Coverage from warehouse to warehouse as well as storage on stock policies.
  • Covers are also arranged for Hull Insurance for crafts which includes third party liability, personal accident and equipment as per individual requirements.

Aviation Insurance 

Aviation Insurance for all types of risks for a variety of Air Crafts covering various liabilities


We furnish many other insurance policies such as;

  • Surgical & Hospitalization insurance cover for cooperates as well as designed covers for individuals.
  • Personnel accident cover.
  • Burglary for both commercial and private dwellings.
  • Workman’s compensation.
  • Money in transit.
  • Fidelity against fraudulent employees.
  • Public liability & Product Liability.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Bid, Performance and Advance Bonds.


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